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Contact our supplies expert, T. Melfydd George, for further information and prices for the items below.

Telephone :

Mobile : farm supplies 07831092307
Equine 07790528396

E-mail : genalstud@gmail.com



Forever Living

For Horses

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Osmonds Products


To help keep horse settled and easier to handle.

1 litre or 5 litre

Farriers friend

1kg or 2.5kg


Other Osmonds Products Also Available

(We find that Osmonds Equine Superblend is excellent for maintaining show condition in our horses.)


(Osmonds Codlavit is excellent for showjumpers with stiff joints.)

- Phone to discuss needs from this supplier or other supplies from this page

Countess and Perryfields Seeds

Mixtures for - Silage, Hay or Grazing.
Wheat. Barley. Oats. Root Crops. Etc.

Feed Buckets

Dry Cow
General Purpose
25% SeaQuim Buckets 20Kg & 40Kg

(We find this very good at keeping horse in condition over the winter months as well as being good for hoof condition.)

Glenside Fertility Farming Systems

Glenside Bag with feeding instructions

 is about maintaining your soil as a healthy and productive asset, improving your yields of better quality crops.
Our Albrecht soil testing service tells you the makeup of your soil, what it should be and how to put it right including trace elements.

The Oxygenerator (2m, 2.5m or 3m) - for overcoming soil compaction in pasture.

MARINURE - foliar feed for better rooting systems, etc.
(All items produced by Glenside are Organic!)

Highland Slag; SeaQuim; Seaweed Meal

Animal Homoeopathy

Natural prevention and remedies for:
Udder, Feet, Calf Respiratory problems, Scour, Milk Fever, Ringworm, etc.

Other Horse Supplies

We also have a range of other items available at times :

Second-hand saddlery.

Contact Mr Aled or Mrs Genna George if you are looking these items.



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